Bernard Holdaway – Rare Pair of Tomotom Chairs

1960s rare pair of Tomotom chairs.
Part of the  Hull Traders classic Tomotom range.
Launched in the late 1960’s at the Ideal Home Show it was a revolutionary design which used compressed cardboard.
The idea being the set was disposable and cheap – today because of this these sets are extremely rare.
In 1966 Hull Traders launched their revolutionary tomotom furniture range, made from giant cardboard tubes and designed by Shirley Cravens husband, Bernard Holdaway.
These were based entirely on circular forms – drums, cylinders and cloverleaf shapes and painted in bright colours.
Cheap, stylish and fun, tomotom became an icon of the 60s pop era.
Even George Best owned some!
Location: Warehouse.
Designer: Bernard Holdaway.
Production: Hull Traders, London.
£375 each
£700 pair